About Us

Who We Are

Baseball Combine was founded in 2021. The company’s vision is to help high school baseball players use our platform to promote their talents to college coaches. Starting in Florida, Baseball Combine began organizing individual showcases in front of college representatives. We bring college representatives to the players, helping both players and scouts with potential player commitments. We will be having D1, D2 & NAIA, D3 & Juco events in each state yearly.

What We Do

Baseball Combine runs a variety of events such as individual showcases nationally. We bring college scouts to the showcases helping them get an in person feel for the players. Unlike other organizations, when we have an event, we try to have all scouts in their state for each division. When we have a D1 event, we try to have every D1 scout at our event. Our unique business model will have more of an impact for both players and scouts than the normal traditional scouting process.