Tuesday Base Ball

A Basnt Bhiar Colony, .

Apr 20 - Jan 23,2021

Event Type: JUCO

Fee: $4000.00


Event Information

Tuesday Base Ball

Baseball Combine's scout events will consist of a private workout in front of ALL of the individual states divisional college scout representatives. The event will test the players measurable and have a one on one hour workout showcasing fielding, hitting, pitching, catching, etc. Each kid will leave with an evaluation from each of the scouts.

Wood bat

Bat Restrictions

No coolers

Cashless gate

Brand Apparel

Event start time

11:40 AM

Refund policy

no refunds will be issued at anytime after payment. baseball combine will hold a credit to a future event if notice of cancellation is given at least 3 weeks prior.

Event College Representatives

Venue schedule

Baseball Combine’s events will consist of three days. First day will be measurable recorded and videoed. Day two or three will be a private workout in front of all divisional scouts.

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A basnt bhiar colony,
Tuesday base ball
Video Uploaded at : Apr 20, 2021